About South Canberra Bridge Club

Welcome to South Canberra Bridge Club

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Here you will find the information you need to join us for a relaxed and enjoyable game of Bridge.

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Our regular sessions are:

• Wed morning at the Southern Cross Club Woden

• Wed evening at the Southern Cross Club Woden

• Thursday evening on BBO in conjunction with the Capital Bridge Club

When playing face-to-face, please register using the club calendar.

Our Covid 19 Safety Plan has been updated for changes in the ACT Public Health Directions in mid May 2022.

The revised Plan is here. Note that:

• We no longer require the wearing of face masks, or checking into the Southern Cross using their QR code.

• The Government’s Health advice continues to strongly recommend (a) being fully vaccinated and (b) the wearing of face masks in public indoor settings, especially when interacting with vulnerable community members. Accordingly, we are happy for people to wear a mask if they so wish.


Wednesday morning face-to-face sessions

• At the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden - Community Rooms 1 & 2. Visitors are welcome.

• To play, you must register using the club Calendar - see the menu bar above

• 9:30am for a 9:45am start.

Wednesday evening face-to-face sessions

• At the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden - Community Room 2. Visitors are welcome.

• To play, you must register using the club Calendar - see the link in the menu bar above

• Please be there by 7pm for a 7.15 start

BBO sessions

• Visitors welcome

• Please be online at 7.05pm for a 7.15 start
• Thursday night sessions are conducted jointly with Capital Bridge Club.

Please read the material below about playing with our Club.


These sessions are run thanks to an arrangement between BridgeBaseOnline and the Australian Bridge Federation.

Read about playing online . The instructions cover:

• Being recognised to play

• From 2 hours before start time you can Register to play

• Arranging a partner

• Table money is 3BB$ (pre-purchase online – use a computer, not a smart phone or tablet, due to the fees incurred)

• Who to contact if you'd like to try playing online.


To play face to face at our club, please:
• follow the ACT's Publ;ic health Directions and Guidance

• read our COVID-19 safety plan

• register to play using the Calendar tab. Use the confirmation email to cancel or edit your entry if it turns out that you or your partner are unable to play.

• contact one of our matchmakers if you need a partner or if you wish to be considered if someone drops out late.

• arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start in the Community Room, Woden Southern Cross Club

• bring the exact table money ($4 for members, $6 for guests).


ABF Events Calendar.

NSW Bridge Association calendar.

Our Supporters in 2021

We gratefully acknowledge the support given to the club this year by:

-- Brad Coles and Australian Bridge Magazine

-- Schwartz Media - publishers of The Saturday Paper and The Monthly

-- Hoyts Cinemas

-- John Donovan of Capital Bridge Club for his support for our BBO sessions

-- and, as always, the Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden.


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We play face to face at the Southern Cross Club, 92-96 Corinna Street Woden, down the stairs near the entrance to the Main Dining Room (i.e. level B1).

Car parking:

• undercover at the Club, accessed from Corinna St. For night sessions on entry just press the button for a ticket, the barriers will be up when you leave.

For daytime sessions refer to the club communique.

• If full, free parking is available nearby from 5.30pm.

Access to the Community Rooms for persons with a disability:

• Designated parking spots are available on level G and B1.

• A lift near the club entrance (on level G) will take you to level B1. Turn right out of the lift

• Disabled Access doors to the Community Rooms are on your left. Press the buzzer, hold your membership card up to the scanner and Reception will admit you.

• Alternatively, park on level B1 and walk to the Disabled Access doors.

Public Transport: A stop for the North bound R4 and R5 buses is just around the corner on Callum St.


SCBC is an ABF affiliated club. You are most welcome to join the club. The Annual Membership cost is in the "About Us/Fees" at the top of this page. Masterpoints are awarded at all sessions (your ABF number is needed).

SCBC strongly values the support of the Southern Cross Club:

• through having the use of the Community Rooms every week together with free undercover parking; and

• through its Community Rewards program. You can direct a percentage of your spending at the Club to our Bridge Club here

Please be considerate of the Southern Cross Club by leaving the room in a neat condition.

Tea, coffee, food and drinks can be purchased upstairs in the main dining area.